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Jasmin Werner


Spot on. Senorita Latifa Sharifah with angel wings in front of–and inside–the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. Facades, columns, steel, concrete, glass. Architectures of power, in which the ideology of national grandeur, or alternatively the belief in a great idea, be it capitalism or socialism, manifests itself. Viewing platforms allow the view from above instead of below, the city becomes an experience, the overview becomes a commodity. Behind the window frames: even more angels of (Un)Schuld (meaning both innocent and free of guilt and their respective opposites), but from other times. Corporate identities, one hand holding the other. Western Union and Remitly, send money online fast. Printed on protective netting and fixed to aluminum frames, the angels, architectures, and lettering are superimposed by Jasmin Werner to form montages and interconnected on an image surface. 
Jasmin Werner's work often explores architectures of power and objects of status. In her practice, she draws attention to the desire to align oneself with nature and a pre-modern past, while occupying spaces of production and consumption. According to Werners iconology, one could also argue that the structural moments of our shared reality will necessarily remain within a repetitive continuum of time.

Damien & The Love Guru
Priya Shetty

Rue de Tamines 19
1060 Brussels

Zollikerstrasse 249
8008 Zurich

+32 477587973

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