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Two Chinese and one French artist respond to our invitation and create the perfectly harmonized menagerie: a couple of poultry, in love with each other's patterns, a pair of brass cat-eyes staring deep into your soul, three clones of a gender-free humanoid self-portrait. Whether you step in or just passing by, their gaze will follow you throughout the fair, at the afterparty, on the train ride back.

This menagerie reverses the power dynamics between the onlookers and the displayed ones. It's finally time for the peculiars to be staring back at us. They are no longer exotic prisoners, captives for our amusement, but CEOs of a multinational organization.

A salvaging and recycling enthusiast, ANAÏS TOUCHOT draws her works from the ordinary and the existent. The materials she uses adapt to a repetition of gestures that answer a dynamics of continuous renewal and a process of doing, undoing, and redoing, in an act of deliberate performance. Her works grant the body a singular position – that of the artist in action, as well as that of the viewer invited to participate in one form or another.

In a similar way, MA JIANFENG is the adept of creating artworks from scrap materials found in everyday life. By configuring them into shapes, dismantling, reassembling and displaying them, the artist disrupts the order of elements intrinsic to these found materials and images. Displaying his works as painting installations, he creates chaotic, theatrical spaces brimming with ambiguity and vitality, through which he probes into the “politics of space”.

ZHANG MIAO’s art allows for a contradiction of forms and unreservedly accepts elements and mediums that are counter to modern sensitivity. He identifies with the architectural theory advanced by Robert Venturi and materializes ideas by regularly fusing them down, separating, differentiating, and re-fusing them, relentlessly driving his thoughts while holding a firm belief in handling form.

Sandwich, Bukarest
Silviu Lixandru
Alexandru Niculescu
Daniela Palimariu
Cristian Raduta

Str. Baiculesti 29, Combinatul Fondului Plastic
013187 Bucharest

+40 74 562 4526