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Präsentiert auf der Liste Art Fair Basel und auf Liste Showtime Online:
Xper. Xr


For Liste 2022, Empty Gallery presents new paintings by seminal Cantonese provocateur Xper.Xr. Articulating a position of disenfranchisement against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s transformation into a global business hub, Xper.Xr stands as a regional representative of anti-authoritarian tendencies. Produced in the wake of the 2019 protests, COVID-19 restrictions, and political turmoil, these works function as attempts by Xper to purge the undesired influence of toxic public figures from his mind.

Empty Gallery
Stephen Cheng

18 & 19th Floor, Grand Marine Center, 3 Yue Fung Street
Tin Wan, Hong Kong

+852 25633396

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