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Präsentiert auf der Liste Art Fair Basel und auf Liste Showtime Online:
Andrés Matías Pinilla


A magical portal that is harmoniously but neatly disordered so all the pieces of this altered theatrical function are intuitively arranged and together build a space to inhabit, a shelter from the wind, a better place to play. It is that the images that the artist proposes are not closed or finished works. They are necessary regurgitations of a world that no longer exists and of a time that transitions and becomes a worm that gnaws at the earth. They are mixed images united by random, just as Merlin the magician composed his formulas or as the inventors of inventions of the Middle Ages created their ready-made. It is that, after all, in a world that vomits images, these works propose an ecology of the gaze: they are remains drawings, fabrics and sculptures that are re-signified and dressed, that dance a queer dance, carnival and festive and that — crossed by the beautiful sensation of freedom — allow us to play again without fear of being wrong.
Jaime A Martinez

Cra 12 # 90-19 of 501
110221 Bogotá

+57 3043279817

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