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With boldness and depth, Thai artist Pam Virada creates find me a house, a spatial intervention as a methodology to discuss the conception of ‘home’ and document the mental state of Chinese diaspora. By reappropriating the space alongside the found objects against the backdrop of the manipulated screenshots from ‘A City of Sadness’ (1989), a Taiwanese film directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien, Virada creates the new space for observing and experiencing.

As a third generation of Chinese diaspora in Thailand, Virada is clearly aware of her cultural roots. The stories told by her grandmother, the first generation of Chinese immigrants in her family, intuitively influences her perception of ‘home’. To translate her conception of ‘home’ existentially, Virada creates a set-like field to reflect the diasporic living space of her grandmother who fled from China to Thailand during World War II and her cultural interpretation of “home”.

The Artist structures the movable walls to create a housing archetype's mise-en-scene modelled after the mainland Chinese immigrant’s homes during 1940s-1960s. Walking through the open space, the viewers possess the power to reconfigure the space, but are simultaneously constraint by the uncontrollable sense derived from it. She also creates the artifacts to attach onto the moveable walls as sculptures or 'film props,' created by utilizing the objects found in her grandmother's home combined with paper maché. To correspond with the structural intervention, Virada takes the screenshots from ‘A City of Sadness’ (1989), a Taiwanese historical drama directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien, and frames the manipulated imageries on the screen as windows.

Virada develops a penchant for a “utopian home”. She taps into the fictionalization of reality and delves into its interchangeability. At the end, she deconstructs the notion of a house and, through the imagery of the house as an archetype of one's sense of belonging, questions whether the conception of home is fluid.

Nova Contemporary, Bangkok
Sutima Sucharitakul
Margaret Wu

Ground Floor of Baan Somthavil, Soi Mahadlek- Luang 3, Rajdamri Road
Lumphini, Pathum Wan District
10330 Bangkok

+66 90 910 6863