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Super Dakota is pleased to announce proposition for a solo presentation of new works by French artist living in London Sarah Derat. Across different materials such as steel, latex, fabric, Sarah Derat’s sculptural practice explores the aporetic nature of relationships, technicity and the mythologies created by the interactions between them.

Drawing from an exhaustive research that encompasses archaeology, palaeontology, anthropology, sociology and neuroscience, Sarah seeks to understand how our modern relationship to tools and tool-making practices informs almost every aspect of who we are and how we relate to one another. As the modern technological paradigm accelerates and the tools that define daily life become more obscure, Derat looks to examples from the past—as well as to key scholars seeking to understand the origins and functions of technicity as they relate to human nature—to show how these changes fundamentally alter both the organisation of society and core human ontology. Recurrent themes in her works are parallel lives, digital afterlife and repetition as a possible rebirth cycle.

Super Dakota, Brüssel
Damîen Bertelle-Rogier
Filip Jakab

45 rue Washington
1050 Brussels

+32 26 491 772