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Präsentiert auf der Liste Art Fair Basel:
Zhang Miao
Raluca Milescu
Nicoleta Mures
Natasha Shulte

Präsentiert auf Liste Showtime Online:
Zhang Miao


The Indefiniteness of Death and Dreams: We bring together four critical approaches of the accelerated, chaotic and often aimless contemporary life, creating an almost nauseous space of vibrant, overlapping pop-culture symbols. The practice of Nicoleta Mures is a continuous reflection over the virtual body under different stress-related situations, anxieties, fear. Her goal is to further investigate the possibilities and limitations that put the flesh, be it real or digital in the spotlight.

Touching on similar subjects, but with a more personal approach towards body issues, gender fluidity and social pressures are the digital collages of Raluca Milescu. Through her works, Milescu explores subjects such as corporality, intimacy, mental health, addressing the alienation of the self from its own emotional and biological system. This selection of 10 works explores the deceitful aspect of digital practices for managing emotional precariousness proliferated by the self-help industry.

The Crying Eyes by Chinese artist Zhang Miao are a reoccurring element of his practice, the intangible meaning of the work being the gaze that it returns to the viewer. This version of the Eyes is reacting to the world around in the most direct and human way, confronting and trapping viewers, surveying and connecting to the other, more strident works. 

Natasha Shulte (UA) explores voltage lines between state control and personal identities. The artist also reveals the mechanisms of biopower, making these instruments visible through her projects, often placed into specially sterilized settings. 

Alexandru Niculescu
Daniela Palimariu
Cristian Raduta

Str. Baiculesti 29, Combinatul Fondului Plastic
Sector 1
013193 Bucharest

+40 75 4949 363

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