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In his videos, sculptures, and installations, Lewis Teague Wright (b.1987, London) presents us with unearthly and psychedelic landscapes from manufactured environments inspired by science fiction, archaeology, and gestures of adolescence. Within which, his work explores and analyzes structures of character in popular and vernacular cultures and how these can be shaped into creating an individual’s fictional worlds and fictional selves.

Lewis Teague Wright’s RIDERS are sculptures that act as still lives. Each is a composition of arranged trivial objects such as keys, key chains, canteens, and burst soda cans, which are accompanied by pinned notes on scraps of paper. Their configuration suggests that the objects belong or belonged to someone. The arrangements are then covered in multicolored nylon flocking and embedded into flight cases. The covering with the velvety nylon flock transform the arrangements into suspended documents in time. The material’s tactile sensation and appearance suggests that the arrangements need to be preserved. The interior of the RIDERS gather a feeling of ruin and vestige, but as the protective exterior suggests, they are meant to travel and require care.

Lodos, Mexiko-Stadt
Francisco Cordero-Oceguera

Edificio Humboldt
116 Calle del Artículo 123
Int. 301, Centro
06040 Mexico City

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