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Mamali Shafahi is a film-maker and installation artist who works on long-term projects that develop over time in various iterations. Daddy Sperm is a project Mamali started in 2012. It began as a reflection on the "miracle" of life: how a drop of liquid becomes a human being; on the artistic, creative and life cycle; on the relationship between parents and children and how they transform each other. It aims to create a bridge between generations: the parents’ generation, its traditional lifestyle and ‘classical’ references, and one steeped in new and emerging technologies, fascinated with the potential for a new, ‘postbody’ immortality. In this project, Mamali’s father Reza, then 72, began drawing, at Mamali’s instigation. The idea was to see if any genetic link was visible in their work. Since then, Reza has developed his own artistic practice, following his own inspiration.

Dastan features an extensive and multi-dimensional program, focusing on the full spectrum of Iranian contemporary and modern art. Dastan’s program, includes Dastan’s Basement, Dastan +2 and Dastan:Outside. Dastan’s orginal space, Dastan’s Basement, was established in 2012 in Tehran, Iran. The Basement is dedicated to exhibiting emerging and experimental Iranian art.

Dastan's Basement, Teheran
Hormoz Hermatian
Roxana Afkhami

No. 6, Beedar St.
1965917753 Teheran

+9821 22023114