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Giulio Frigo doesn’t conceive the image as a static object, but as an happening, a dynamic event made of color and light. It’s a performance. He operates on the perception of work, considering the space between pictorical surface and spectator eye as an “arena” of different possibilities. Giulio Frigo presents for LISTE 2018 a new body of works, exploring this idea of the pictorical act in three different way. In ‘Anamorfosi Continua’, the deformation of the supports of the paintings modifies and distorts the image perceived in relation to the position in the space of the spectator, who, moving around the piece, becomes co-author of its shimmering appearance. In ‘the Planetarium (Materia Luminosa)’ works, the planetary is the reference for its immersive and embracing visual experience, in which the light is conceived as bearer of information, knowledge and wonder. The celestial vault is no more represented as an iconic image, but as a circle of light in equilibrium on a painting. Light, here, is not intended as what allows us to see, to unveil, but as the subject that has to be observed.

The reflection on the production and transmission of the image conceived as information, on its s-composition in pixels is investigated in the big site-specific installation. Giulio Frigo invites the observer to cross the threshold of the “perceptible” so to examine it’s integral elements. The small colored canvases depict, in a sort of conceptual pointillism, the RGB matrix of different support and contemporary screens (tablet, smartphones, etc), they potentially represent all the possible images.

On the green / key screen wall, enlighted with a stroboscopic light to recreate the flickering effect of the television screen, the gigantic figure of Felix the Cat (the first image that succeed in being broadcasted on TV) stands out. It’s a appearance, in between the grotesque and the epic, as an alien from another world or a contemporary Ecce Homo.

Francesca Minini
Alessandra Minini
Anna Abbà

Via Massimiano 25
20134 Milan

+39 022 692 4671

Shown at LISTE:

Giulio Frigo, 1984, IT