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Jacopo Miliani’s practice focuses on the creation of different forms of language in response to images elaborated by the spectator. Questioning if a nonrepresentative language could be possible, he uses image and figuration. The sculptural work “Wrong?”, shows an action of paring two materials – mirror, marble – associating different shapes. The basic level of languages, expressed through objects, evokes images that can not be controlled. It leads to the impossibility of distinguishing between right and wrong and makes the reality of the image impossible to define. However, there are many realities and as many viewers, whose gaze and body can be reflected in the mirrors, enlightened by the theatrical light, which will be the only lighting system in the booth and which effect will be amplified by the constructed darkened ceiling.
Ditte Gantriis’ practice examines the yearning of contemporary culture for authentic experiences, a demand met by dressed up mass-produced products and generic design masquerading as handmade crafts: watercolour paintings of dark night scenes will be printed on heavy velvet, framed as a canvas. They will represent scenes that seem exotic but that evokes something slightly generic. The frames, made of iron and copper, will be decorated with leaves, coils, curls in a very exaggerated manner. Her practice, is not just about calling out a fake aura. Rather it seeks to activate the original attraction, strongly felt in our mediated culture, towards a world of real sensuous pleasure.

James Gardner

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Shown at LISTE:

Ditte Gantriis, 1980, DK

Jacopo Miliani, 1979, IT