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Präsentiert auf der Liste Art Fair Basel:
Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi
Elene Chantladze

Präsentiert auf Liste Showtime Online:
Sitara Abuzar Ghaznawi


Regardless of their generational or contextual differences, Tskaltubo-based Chantladze (b. 1946) and Ghaznawi (b. 1995), who lives in Zurich, coincide in many aspects of their practice. Primarily, the shared interest in exploring everyday approachable materials and re-defining the value of discardable items creates an aesthetical and ideological bond between the two artists. Resourceful and spontaneous art-making reflects their personas, daily lives, memorabilia, and sentiments. For example, Chantladze finger-paints the back of used chocolate boxes, sometimes framing them in plastic mirror frames, similar in approach to Ghaznawi, who preserves cigarette ends and plastic roses inside precisely-constructed showcases, both raising the question of value, the content, and presentation devices. Ghaznawi has a profound grasp of the contemporary art scene as well as institutional and educational dysfunctions that are closely tied with class and cultural inequalities, she critically approaches those subjects through her installation works; In contrast, Chantladze has been distanced from fast-paced global narratives with her rural living situation, but has faced and rebelled against Soviet bureaucracies and understanding of productivity and intellectualism the majority of her life. The practices of these two working artists resonate with each other on a non-surface level via multi-layered associations. Ghaznawi has been working closely with archive materials and has previously displayed Emmy Henning's works at Cabaret Voltaire, Zürich and Swiss Institute, New York. For Liste Art Fair Basel Ghaznawi will showcase newly commissioned works.

The Kiev-based collective Understructures collaborates and creates a platform for broader artistic collaboration in the form of a publication, which will introduce a historical overview and background of the word Oberih. OBERIH (ukr.: item that protects, ‘takes care’, eng.: amulet, talisman) — a magical object or element, man-made or natural, believed to be endowed with special powers to protect from disease and bad luck, or to bring fortune, good health and special protection to its owner. Not only it carries the power to protect and give luck, but it also translates a very special memory and sincere will of those who share it with them. The book will bring together a collection of personal artifacts and stories around them. Collected from Ukrainians, who currently live and work in emergency under different circumstances, it will show a chronicle of intimate and trustful links between people mediated through times and distances by magical symbolic objects. The book is also an oberih; with it we want it to support people, raise money for those in need, and most important to give hope and vision that human culture, no matter how fragile it might seem in times of warfare and despair, is build upon very strong and heartful relationship between many people and different generations. 

Understructures is a working collective initiated in Ukraine in 2020, that involves temporary support structures, furniture and arrangements from construction sites; and process, participants, materials and conditions of work, in which these structures are made.

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