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Monitor presents a group show focused on figurative painting through the works of five artists that embraced figuration since the very first beginning: Thomas Braida (1982), Peter Linde Busk (1973), Benedikt Hipp (1977), Nicola Samorì (1977), Ian Tweedy (1982).

Evoking the best-known examples of Italian picture galleries such as the Palazzo Corsini, Galleria Spada and Palazzo Doria Pamphili in Rome, the works of the artists will be displayed in the tradition of the 18th century Italian picture galleries typically used by lords to offer their guests an illustrated walkway through their personal collection housed in their ‘palazzi’: the ‘quadreria’.

The artistic research conducted by Thomas Braida is fuelled by the artist’s observation of daily reality. In its continuous crossreferencing between pop and “high” culture, mythology and history, the real and the imaginary, Braida’s artistic research stands out for its original style.

Influenced by CoBrA and Art Brut, the roots of Peter Linde Busk’s artistic research go back a long way, to expressionist painting and to ancient techniques such as etching and woodcuts. Busk’s works attempt to capture universal emotions such as pride, fear, and defeat, and reference literary or mythical characters.

Benedikt Hipp addresses themes of our time as well as traditional myths and personal memories, and derives modern social archetypes from them. In his paintings there is a notable proximity to votive and religious imagery, developing that first impression as matter of research.

With their masterful fusion between Renaissance or Baroque dramatic intensity and the uncontrolled essence of Informal, Nicola Samorì’s paintings and sculptures document the persistence of an ‘un-actual’ trace within the contemporary.

Ian Tweedy’s artistic activity – paintings, drawings, and artifacts – is rooted in themes such as the relationship between individual biography and the collective past, suggestive appropriation of recent and remote history, a quest for new meanings for concepts of identity, belonging and freedom.

Paola Capata
Manuela Contino
Henrique Loja

Via Sforza Cesarini 43a
00186 Rome

Satellite address:
Rua D. João V, 17 A
1250-089 Campo de Ourique, Lisbon

+39 063 937 8024

Shown at LISTE:

Thomas Braida, 1982, IT

Peter Linde Busk, 1973, DK

Benedikt Hipp, 1977, DE

Nicola Samori, 1977, IT

Ian Tweedy, 1982, US