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Japan born, Glasgow based Urara Tsuchiya’s works create a type of addictive and surreal imaginary world, expanding the boundaries of ceramic techniques. She uses a traditional Japanese style of ceramic, but to tell contemporary stories that she has found intriguing or funny. Often breaching the boundaries of what viewers see as ‘erotically correct’ – the works take sexuality into challenging dimensions with animals, teddy bears and humans all interacting. Collaboration is very important for her and she often works with other artists and uses performance, costume design and food based events as other ways that she can express herself; an aphrodisiac dinner where the starter was a cigarette and all the waiters had their knickers around their ankles, food was served from her bowls by a mermaid in a paddling pool, or a living room scenario where two people dressed as a sofa for others to sit on, and be enveloped by, as she stood by the side with a lit up lamp shade on her head. Tsuchiya’s practice creates a playful world where banal objects, animals, sexuality and cheeky humour all meet in uncanny encounters that one often feels curious to look at for longer. In a recent interview Urara said of her practice “I think I would go a bit dead if I approached work without humour. I like to create works that are labour intensive. If I invest so much in it, I want at least to find it funny.”

For Urara’s solo booth at Liste, she has made a brand new sets of bowls that each tell a story as if each bowl was a frame in a movie. Along side this is a fountain and a wall based work built up of individual tiles. For the opening day of Liste she has also made a new fashion show performance, where 6 / 8 models will be walking around the booth and the fair, dressed in her fabric, latex & ceramic creations.

Union Pacific
Grace Schofield
Nigel Dunkley

17 Goulston Street
London E1 7TP
United Kingdom

+44 207 247 61 61

Shown at LISTE:

Urara Tsuchiya , 1979, JP