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Emir Šehanović (b. 1981, Bosnia) draws inspiration from meditations on the post-human body, Frankenstein’s body as Mary Shelley wrote about it, or as brought up in Donna Haraway's theory. In line with this narrative, Šehanović presents us with worlds free from the anthropocentric complex, where both nature and artificial entities produce reality. In response to his work, one must think about the very real presence of what seems to be a fiction, and yet is not: climate change, which consequently becomes a problem for all species.

On the other hand, Saša Tkačenko (b. 1979, Serbia) is focusing on the relations between fiction and facts in everyday life and things, looking at the consequences of the capitalist order, where the Anthropocene is still very much alive. The artist creates what could be called faux-readymades in relation to existing objects, reexamining their purpose and the histories of the originals they refer to. He explores the signifiers of the capitalist order and consumption, taking into account the specific histories that lead to their creation.

The two create a platform for new perspectives on the environment, the value of objects, of human life and that of the non-human as well, the last one becoming more important than ever now in 2020.

Eugster || Belgrade was founded in Belgrade, Serbia in 2017. We focus on emerging practices from the south-east of Europe and relatable contemporary art practices from abroad.

Eugster || Belgrade, Belgrad
Jan Eugster
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