Performance Projekt 2017

Rehearsing Intra-Activity; Curated by Eva Birkenstock

Rehearsing Intra-Activity, the 13th edition of the Performance Project, presents the works of artists, dancers and choreographers that are engaged in an expanded understanding of the concept of choreography. Instead of following a given script, they share an interest in creating transgressive situations that destabilize and subvert ascribed distinctions between the performer and the audience, actors and roles, human and non-human, material and discourse, politics and emotions, and the stage and its spatial, as well as socio-political condition. Adopting the strategies of proxies, callers, hosts, contemporary dance training methodologies, contra dance, abject matter or vulnerable biopolitical bodies in rage, their contributions keep the status of a being in-the-making, of unfinished projects, of a working on the working – of rehearsals. Rather than pushing towards selfcontained, masterly concluded stagings, they open performative, intra-active scenarios to challenge current subject positions, and activate alternative modes of perception and shared agency.


Performance Projekt

Seit 2005 ist das Performance Projekt ein fester, autonomer Bestandteil der LISTE – Art Fair Basel. KuratorInnen werden eingeladen, ein zeitgenössisches Performance Projekt mit jungen, vielversprechenden Performance-KünstlerInnen zusammenzustellen und aktuelle Trends in der Performancekunst vorzustellen. Die LISTE unterstreicht damit Ihr Fördergedanke für junge Nachwuchstalente (Kuratoren, Künstler) und bietet eine Plattform für die im Markt noch wenig etablierte Kunstgattung.

2015 – 2017 Eva Birkenstock
2013 – 2014 Fabian Schöneich
2012 Burkhard Meltzer
2011 Maja Wismer
2008 -2010 Silke Bitzer
2005 – 2007 Monika Kästli


Alicia Francovich - Performance Projekt 2016
Alicia Francovich - Performance Projekt 2016