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In the wake of the acclaimed ‘Yellow Towel’, Dana Michel’s latest performance, ‘Mercurial George’, traces and transforms the banal, provoking a certain malaise. Wading through the heaps of debris left over from an excavation of marginality and cultural heritage, Michel offers a destabilizing solo. The body vacillates as it struggles for balance and a toehold. Stretching out time with minimalist and deconstructed movement, Michel becomes the archaeologist of her own persona. Bizarre, but also comical, her universe is bathed in childhood naiveté and sacred mystery. Intuitive, free and dissident, Dana Michel breaks the mould and shifts points of view. Dana Michel is a choreographer and performer based in Montreal. Before obtaining a BFA in Contemporary Dance at Concordia University in her late twenties, she was a marketing executive, competitive runner and football player. An amalgam of choreography, intuitive improvisation and performance art, her artistic practice is rooted in exploring identity as a disordered multiplicity. In April 2017, Dana Michel has been awarded the Silver Lion for Innovation in Dance by the Venice Biennale (Italy).

Tickets: / +41 61 666 6000

Dana Michel
Mercurial George, 2016

14. Juni 2017, 19:00

Kaserne (Rossstall 1)
Klybeckstrasse 1b,
Admission: CHF 15

( or
+41 61 666 6000)