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Since 2008 Isabel Lewis has been elaborating a practice that combines the skills of a dancer, a DJ, and an orator. The dancer turns into a host, who crafts the atmosphere, offering thoughtful stimulus and evocative sociality. This approach – neither exactly a performance nor simply a gathering – is defined by the way Lewis shapes a live experience for her guests working with installation and choreography in ways that address all of the senses including the haptic and the olfactory. At the 13th Performance Project she will present ‘Strange Action’ (2009), a live work that can be seen as a precursor to her current large-scale ‘occasions’ most recently presented at Tate Modern. In ‘Strange Action’ Lewis adopts two different faded celebrity figures as proxies for a rumination on performance, persona, embodiment and altered states. She uses language and movement not to convey a story line, but to articulate a process of thought unfolding in real time. The content is largely drawn from the Internet and weaves numerous, seemingly unrelated subjects into reciprocal relations. Her body operates as the interface for the clashing and synthesis of these ideas. Following the shift ‘Strange Action’ manifests within Lewis’ practice – moving from a performance to a hosted situation outside theatrical spaces – it will be shown in two variations: in the afternoon on the terrace at Warteck, in the evening at Kaserne Basel.

Thursday, June 15
2 p.m. at LISTE
Free admission

Thursday, June 15
7 p.m. at Kaserne (Rossstall 1)
Klybeckstrasse 1b, Basel
Admission: CHF 15
( or
+41 61 666 6000)

Isabel Lewis
Strange Action, 2009

15. Juni 2017, 14:00

Burgweg 15, Basel/
Kaserne (Rossstall 1)
Klybeckstrasse 1b, Basel