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The Day Whose End Will Not Be an Evening

Spike is a magazine for contemporary art, founded in 2004 by Rita Vitorelli, and published quarterly. Each issue is dedicated to a theme that places art in the wider context of society, digital culture, philosophy, and fashion. Spike's curatorial-artistic approach is translated into real space: in the form of conversations, lectures, parties and exhibitions. Spike does not merely reflect on the art world, but it acts as an agent within it.

Spike turns fifteen this year. “The Day Whose End Will Not Be an Evening” is a participatory installation that gives a sense of the Spike universe – the magazine, the writing, the design, the events and exhibitions, the friends and the community. We will draw on moments from the history of the magazine that feel especially relevant today and transform them into something new. There’ll be printed text on things that aren’t paper, printing presses serving as pedestals, illustrations reborn as fashion, Spike Editions for sale, an art fair soundtrack, and drinks shaken and stirred. The installation has its corollary in the Spike Forum of talks and panels curated for the Joinery: The artist as X.

Participants include Tenzing Barshee, Nina Beier, Thom Bettridge/Kurt Woerpel, Flora N. Galowitz, Chris Kraus, Ella Plevin, NaEE RoBErts, Dan Solbach, Natasha Stagg, Jan Vorisek, and many others.

Spike Art Magazine
Rita Vitorelli, Editor-in-Chief

Löwengasse 18/13c
1030 Wien

Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 45
10178 Berlin