Promote and Support Young Art Together!

Founded in 2017, Friends of Liste is dedicated to supporting our galleries. Thanks to their membership fees, 13 galleries with exceptionally engaging stand presentations received financial support in 2020:

Agustina Ferreyra, Mexico City
Exo Exo, Paris
Gianni Manhattan, Vienna
Good Weather, North Little Rock
LC Queisser, Tibilisi
Osnova, Moscow
Polansky, Prague/Brno
Sophie Tappeiner, Vienna
Sundy, London
Sweetwater, Berlin
Tabula Rasa, Beijing
Veda, Florence
Wschód, Warsaw

Board Friends of Liste:
Kasia Barbotin-Larrieu
Andreas Siegfried
Patricia Wallentin

Friends of Liste would like to broaden its commitment to galleries and asks for your support. With your membership, you will help galleries to participate at Liste on favourable terms and to support outstanding artistic projects.

Many Thanks.

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Liste Annex, photo: Roland Tännler
Liste Annex, photo: Roland Tännler